Kohler EFOZD Seawater Pump (Sherwood G910P) Replacement JPR-KL10IP

Sherwood G910P (Pressed Pulley) Seawater Pump Replacement JPR-KL10IP

Used on Kohler generators powered by Yanmar engines. Pulley is pressed on*.

Kohler part number GM46936; Sherwood part number G910P-01

GM46936 Replaced by GM104855 

Used on Kohler 6.5EFOZD / 8.0 EFOZD; 7EFOZD / 9EOZD; 8.5EFOZD / 10EOZD;  28EFOZD / 32EOZD 23EFOZD / 27EFOZD 25EFOZD / 28EFOZD.

Drive: Bracket Mount Pulley Drive

*For the pump with a removable pulley, please use JPR-KL10IP2


Inlet Outlet Size (LxWxH) Weight Notes
3/8" 3/8" 100 x 90 x 90 1.8 kgs

Pump Parts:

JMP OEM Description Qty Notes
7172-01 Impeller 1
JSM0114 Minor Kit 1
JSK0114 Major Kit 1
BER0046 Bearing Drive 1
BER0046 Bearing Seal 1
BOL0080 Screw
CAMSET0029 Camset 1
COV0039 End Cover 1
ORG0032 Cover Gasket 1
N/A Key 1
MCSSET0017 Seal 1
N/A Retainer Drive 1
N/A Retainer Seal 1
SHA0073 Shaft 1
N/A Slinger 1
SNP0021 Snap Ring Seal 1
SNP0022 Snap Ring Drive 1
N/A Wear Plate 1
PUL0020 Clutch / Drive 1