SEA-DOO Intercooler replacement by MOTA (Black)

MOTA's reinforced intercoooler is a direct replacement for stock SEA-DOO 4-tec 215, 255 & 260hp models.

Designed to end all reliability issues on air and sea-water circuits. Copper nickel tubes offer protection from seawater corrosion (no aluminium is used on the water circuit) and guarantee improved reliability and longevity.

Suits most Sea-Doo supercharged models: 215, 250 & 260 hp, excluding the iS hull (suspension version).

MOTA intercooler is not only reliable and efficient, it protects the throttle body and engine from water ingestion and failure.

For flyboard users tired of having intercoolers blown like balloons that leak water to the engine, MOTA's reinforced intercooler is the ultimate solution: with the right material and thickness on the water side, it can take more than 10 bars of water pressure!

It is however completely dismountable to allow inspection and and easy cleaning. The only parts to be changed are now the gaskets!

DOWNLOAD: Intercooler Dimensions

Tubestack diameter (Ømm) 97
Tubestack length (mm) 261
Connection on cold side Ø32mm hose
Connection on hot side Ø62mm hose
Tubes material Copper-Nickel (CuNi10)
Headers material Brass
Covers material Brass
Housing material Cast aluminium