Fuel Guard Fuel Water Separator FGD 100 (100LPH 150HP)

Model FGD100 : Use with optional water sensor kit

Fuel filter suitable for flow rate of up to 100 litres per hour. For engines up to 150 bhp.

This Decontaminator is a simple one step unit that will remove up to 95% of solid contaminants (down to approximately 30 microns) and 100% visible water, including emulsified water that may be in the fuel.  

The Decontaminator performs this function with a reusable lifetime filter element. No replacement of filter element or cartridge is required.

Simply drain the collected water and sediments by opening the valve on the bottom of the unit. Remove the special lifetime filter element and carefully clean. Just remove the element , gently wash with clean diesel and reinstall. This operation requires no tools.

The Decontaminator is available in 3 models.

  • Model FGD100, up to 100 litres / hour, suitable for engines up to 150 bhp
  • Model FGD230, up to 230 litres / hour, suitable for engines up to 600 bhp
  • Model FGD560, up to 560 litres / hour, suitable for engines up to 1200 bhp


In/Out Port Connectors

Flow Rate Per Hour



FGD 100

3/8” BSP

100 Lts/Hr

85 mm

185 mm

FGD 230

1/2 “ BSP

230 Lts/Hr

140 mm

235 mm

FGD 560

1/2 “ BSP

560 Lts/Hr

140 mm

325 mm