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DeBond: Barrier / Two-Part Primer Remover (Bio-degradable) 3.75L

Use DeBOND™ to remove the primer / barrier coat between your antifouling paint and gelcoat or other hull substrate. This product is biodegradable and removes paint without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Will remove most high performance coatings including two-part epoxy, fusion bonded epoxy, and many high performance coating systems.

DeBOND isdesigned to remove paint and coatings on surfaces where abrasive blast cleaning is not an option, such as the restoration of brick, sandstone, most plastics, or other delicate surfaces. Using DeBond will ensure that the original appearance of the substrate is not damaged in any way. Physical damage which can occur during mechanical blast cleaning is avoided.

Paint / coatings are removed in a softened but still solid form for easy collection and containment. Hazardous materials remain encapsulated in the removed material, reducing the possibility for worker and environmental contamination.

 Most powder coatings
 Shop primers
 Alkyd Paints
 Acrylic latex
 Lead-based paint
 Asbestos-containing paint
 Polyureas
 Thin film epoxies
 Polyurethane Finishes
 Coal Tar Epoxy
 Lacquer Coatings

This listing is for a 3.75L container. It is also available in 19L containers here.

Note: Free Freight is not available on this product. Remote areas may attract a surchage; we will contact you if an extra charge applies to your selected shipping.

Coverage 19L (5 US gallons): Usually sufficient for one application of approx 7.4 m2

Safety Data Sheet with application instructions.

AiA is also available on order, which is a heavier-duty, faster acting version of DeBOND - For contractor use in industrial applications where removal speed is a factor.