DeFOUL™ (Anti-Foul Remover) 19L

Removes anti-foul paint without the need for sanding

Simple Application:

Remove grease, dirt and marine growth.

Spray DeFOUL on to a clean hull, allow time for DeFOUL to react and lift the anti foul paint.

Pressure wash or simply scrape it off. For fuller instructions, see the main page.

DeFOUL is safe and will not damage the gel coat. It may remove or partially remove the barrier coat. (If barrier coat needs to be removed ,see DeBOND).

Coverage 19L (5 US gallons): Usually sufficient for one application on a 25-30 ft craft. Available in 19 Litre9.5 Litre, 3.75 Litre containers.

For use on: Fibreglass, Aluminium, Steel and Wooden boats.

Note: Free Freight On this product only applies to capital cities. Other areas will normally attract a charge. We will contact you if an extra charge applies to your selected shipping.