Volvo Penta 3829021 Stainless Steel Bend Elbow Replacement HOT 7

Precision CNC machined investment cast 316 stainless steel
This HDI Marine item replaces Volvo Penta 3829021 - 90° exhaust pipe elbow alternative option to standard elbow 3830988 (865545).

Use with 2 x exhaust clamp HDI BVBC (not included).

Fits the following engines: D5A-T, D5A-B, D5A-TA, D7A-T, D7A-TA, D7A-B TA, D7C-TA, D7C-B TA, TAMD63L-A, TAMD63P-A, TAMD71B, TAMD73P-A, TAMD73WJ-A, TAMD74A, TAMD74A-A, TAMD74A-B, TAMD74C-A, TAMD74C-B, TAMD74L-A, TAMD74L-B, TAMD74P-A, TAMD74P-B, TAMD75P-A

4.5” (89mm) Flange diameter
Kit weighs 6 LBS
Shipping weight is 7.5 LBS

HDI Marine Part HOT7.