Gimbal Bearing Mercruiser 30-879194A01 Volvo 21752712 Replacement

Gimbal Bearing - Non-serviceable / greaseable.


Replaces Mercruiser Part No. 30-879194A01, 30-879194A02, 60794A4, 862540A04, 862540A3, 862540T1, 879194A01, 879194A01&A02

Use with replacement Mercruiser gimbal oil seal 26-88416.

Drives: Alpha One Gen I & II, Bravo I, II & III.

Volvo Penta

Replaces Volvo Part No. 21752712, 3853807, 3855707

Replaces Johnson/Evinrude Part No. 0508904, 0765624, 0775536, 0983937, 3853807, 3855707

Use with replacement Volvo Penta oil seal 3852548

Drives: Cobra (1986-1993), Volvo Penta SX, Mercruiser Alpha One Gen I & II, Bravo I, II & III. *For Volvo SX-A, TSK-A, TSK-B drives, use WA 3888555

This is a non-OEM part no. REC 30-879194A01.