Fuel Guard - Vortex FGV 2

The VORTEX System will remove 99.8% of water and 95% of dirt and other solid contaminants found in all diesel. The Vortex range are suitable for all oil based fuels (diesel, kerosene, paraffin, gas oil).

They are NOT suitable for Petrol / Gasoline. Only drain when engine is switched off.

Click here for a PDF Maintenance and Installation guide.

Model FGV 2

Fuel filter suitable for flow rate of up to 120 litres per hour. Engines up to 100 bhp*.

* HP/KW figures are a guide only. Fuel flow figures vary considerably depending on fuel system type and manufacturer. Always ensure fuel flow is matched by consulting your engine manufacturer's data sheet.

  Max HP Max KW Flow Rate Flow Rate Port Size Weight Length Diameter 
FGV 2 >100 >73.5 120 lt/hr 2 lt/min M14 1 KG 175mm 70mm
FGV 6 >200 >147 360 lt/hr 6 lt/min M14 2 KG 200mm 120mm
FGV10 >500 >367.5 600 lt/hr 10 lt/min M14 3 KG 320mm 120mm
FGV 60 >850 >624.75 3600 lt/hr 60 lt/min 1" BSP 4 KG 400mm 120mm
FGV 150 N/A N/A 9000 lt/hr 150lt/min 1 1/2" BSP 10 KG 550mm 185mm
FGV 350 N/A N/A 21000 lt/hr 350 lt/min 2" BSP 15 KG 980mm 185mm


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