Diesel Fuel Bleeding System incl Gear pump 24V - AN 6324

Inline Diesel Fuel Bleeding System for Diesel heavy engines  including Gear Pump Stainless steel Piping, Manifold, 2 way valve & Bracket assembled & ready to install 

For pump details please see below

The BG 20/ AN 47 pump is a gear, self priming pump for transferring lubricating oils and viscose liquid including Diesel fuel

Ideal for emptying and refilling - upto 23 L/m...at 0M level / 16Lt/M - 12M

Note - Pump/ System is not designed for continuous use (Recommended use / operation time of 10-15 minutes).

Pump body in Bronze Aluminium
Gear in brass
Lip seals
Connections 3/8” Gas

This is an Ancor (Italy) Marine product AN 6324. For the 12V version, use AN 6323