Cummins Oil Cooler 4003582CN Transmission Gear Cooler Replacement

Cummins Oil Cooler 4003582CN Transmission Gear Cooler Replacement

Replaces Cummins 4003582 & Cummins 5270990.Marine Transmission/ Gear Cooler 4"x12" OAL Diameter Oil Cooler with CuNi bundle.

Material: Copper Nickel for superior resistance to corrosion.

This is a non-OEM, aftermarket part.

Seawater connections: 2" Pipe - note one side is set up for "O" Ring .

Tube Diameter  4"  +  ( 110 mm)

Overall Length 12 "  (305) mm

Oil connections: 1/2" NPT

Weight : 6 Kg

This is a non-OEM, aftermarket part MEC 4003582 CN.