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Century CC1206 12V 1/3/6Amp 9 Stage Battery Charger

Century CC1206 12V 1/3/6Amp 9 Stage Battery Charger


  • Fully automatic 9 stage charging system - just connect and walk away
  • Adjustable charge output with 1 Amp, 3 Amp and 6 Amp settings suits large and small batteries
  • Recognizes and starts charging batteries from 3 volts
  • Features Century's patented battery rejuvenation technology
  • ECO power mode to ensure very low power usage if you forget to turn off at the wall
  • Safety timers monitor voltage in each stage to diagnose a completely discharged or faulty battery
  • Short circuit & reverse polarity protection keeps you and your batteries safe from accidental misconnection
  • 5 year warranty for peace of mind

 Product Info

This Century CC1206 12V Battery Charger is the perfect maintenance companion from Australia's favourite battery manufacturer. Featuring Century's patented rejuvenation technology, this unit is suitable for deep charging and restoring from as low as 3 volts. Automatic 9 stage charging takes you from flat to full with the press of a button and the adjustable charge output feature gives you control over the rate of charge, with long term maintenance modes as well as rapid charge functions.

With selectable options for most common chemistry types, this 12V battery charger will apply the suitable charging profile to ensure that you're getting the best lifespan possible.

Capable of charging and maintaining batteries from 3-180AH, this unit also comes with reverse polarity and short circuit protections to ensure no harm comes to you or your batteries even in the case of accidental terminal misconnection - a great addition to your garage arsenal.

Tech Spec

Century 12V 1/3/6 Amp 9 Stage Battery Charger
Charging Stages: 1: Condition Check / 2: Rejuvenation / 3: Soft Start / 4: Bulk / 5: Absorption / 6: Equalisation / 7: Analysis / 8: Float / 9: Long Term Maintenance (Pulse)
Voltage: 12V
Charging Amperage: 1 / 3 / 6 Amps
Starting Voltage: 3 Volts
Protections: Overcharge / Reverse Polarity / Overload / Thermal / ECO Power
Suitability: Batteries from 0AH to 120AH
Warranty: 5 Years