Yanmar 2GM-3GM 2YM-3YM Seawater Pump 128990-42500 Replacement AN 4948

This ANCOR marine pump replaces the Johnson 10-13337-01 / Yanmar 128990-42500 pumps.

Replacement seawater pump for Yanmar engines: 2GM20-3GM30-YEU / 2 & 3YM series. Replacement seawater pump for Kohler 6.5Kw Diesel Generator with Yanmar Engine.

This part is supplied without the pulley, bracket or hose tails which can be re-used from your Yanmar pump. This pump has threaded 3/8" BSPT ports for hose tails - The original Yanmar pumps can have either 5/8" (16mm) or 3/4" (19mm) hose, or a combination, so this pump allows for either set up.

16mm Hose Tail Available Here

19mm Hose Tail Available Here

The pulley AN 5310 is available separately here.

For a pump with pulley and mounting brack supplied, use pump AN 3541 (threaded ports, lip seal) or JMP Pump YM08IH with fixed 5/8" (16mm) hose tails and mechanical seal.

This is an ANCOR Marine seawater pump model ST 212 - AN 4948.


Repair Kit Impeller Cover Plate Screws Lip Seal
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Bearing Cam Cam Screw Shaft
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