Wear Plate - Sherwood 19836 Replacement AN 6237

Wear plate for seawater pumps.

Similar to Sherwood 19836.

Used on Sherwood pumps G1801, G1804, G1805, G1806, G18061-01, G1807, G18071-01, G18071X, G1808, G18081-01, G18082-01, G18082X, G1810-01, G1810X, G1811-01, G1814-01, G1814X, G1815-01, G1815X, G1816-01, G1816X, G2902-01, G2902X, G2903-01, G2903X, G2904-01, G2904X

This is an Ancor, of Italy part AN 6237.