Gear Pump AN 46 - 12V DC - 23 LPM

Gear Pump 12V DC - 23L/Min - AN46 (BG20) 

Gear driven, self priming pump for transferring lubricating oils and viscous liquids.
Ideal for emptying and refilling the oil sump.

Transers up to 23 lpm at level and 16 lpm at 12 metres.

Pump body in Bronze Aluminium
Gear in brass
Lip seals
Connections: 3/8” Gas

For 24V version use AN47 (BG20) 24V 

Note - 

Duty cycle of BG20 depend on viscosity of the fluid.

With a viscosity index of 3,0 (similar to diesel) You can use this pump at index service S3 -50%.

Which means that You can use the pump for 30 min. and stop it for 30 min.