Volvo Penta DP-E, SP-E Drive Parts (Aftermarket)

Aftermarket Parts for Volvo Penta DP-E and SP-E Drives

Spare Part Volvo Penta / Notes Aftermarket Part
Universal Bellow U-Joint Bellows REC 876294
Spider REC 3860232
Gasket 897682
Exhaust Bellow
REC 876631
Zinc Anode Kit 852835 & 875821 AN 5104
Bushing Kit Hook Up Fork REC 872096
Gasket Kit Upper Unit DP-E & SP-E REC 876266
Gasket Kit Lower Unit SP-E REC 876268
Gasket Kit Lower Unit DP-E REC 876267
Gasket Kit Upper & Lower Unit DP-E REC 19035
Prop Shaft Seals Pair Of REC 853808
Prop Shaft Seal Kit All DP Shafts REC 22087
Trim Cylinder Repair Kit For Cylinder 3860881
WA 3860881
Hydraulic Hose
Hydraulic Pump 3587106 REC 200-T017
Hydraulic Pump Resevoir No longer available from Volvo
Sliding Sleeve Clutch SCP 3807613