Jubilee® Clips - Assorted Packs

Jubilee® offers a range of assorted packs covering the most popular sizes making it possible to keep a selection of sizes, appropriate to any situation, to hand in one convenient pack.

Jubilee® Juniors, also known as nut & bolt clips, are ideal for small bore hoses with relatively low pressures, where little clamping force is required. Used in low pressure applications such as a fuel line. Two assortment packs are available containing either 54 (PPJJ) or 165 (JA165) Jubilee Junior clips in mild steel or 304 stainless steel.

The Jubilee® Workshop Pack contains 143 of the most popular Lloyds register approved stainless steel Jubilee Clips suitable for any tough environment.

The Jubilee® Pocket Pack is a convenient small pack containing 32 stainless steel Jubilee Clips, recommended adjustment ranges from 9.5mm-40mm.

The Jubilee® ‘O’ Clip Kits come with 155 (304) assorted ‘O’ clips or 175 (mild steel) assorted 2 ear ‘O’ clips and a pincer tool for securing the clips.