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Fuel Filtration - Fuel-Guard - Vortex Series

The FGV VORTEX Decontaminator / Water Separator Series

DIESEL fuel - NO replacement parts - NO filter elements to change - NO magnets or moving parts

NO more blocked filters - Continuous supply of clean fuel.

The VORTEX System will remove 99.8% of water and 95% of dirt and other solid contaminants found in all diesel. The Vortex range are suitable for all oil based fuels (diesel, kerosene, paraffin, gas oil). They are NOTsuitable for Petrol / Gasoline.

Self contained system - no filter element to clean or replace.

Using cyclonic and capillary technology, incoming fuel is forced through the internal baffle system, creating a swirling centrifugal action. Denser water and dirt are separated from the fuel, and descend into the lower collection chamber.

At the second stage the velocity of the fuel slows down allowing any free water and other impurities to maintain their mass preventing any emulsification within the fuel, these impurities fall out and sink into lower collection chamber and remain there until purged.

In the final stage fuel passes through a bifurcation process allowing small water droplets and particulate to be coalesced out of the fuel stream.

All these 3 stages are carried out simultaneously which results in clean fuel rising to the top of the unit ensuring a continuous supply of clean free fuel to your equipment.


FGV 2 120 ltr/hr        FGV 6 360 ltr/hr        FGV 10 600 ltr/hr        FGV 60 3600 ltr/hr

* Please ask for higher capacity models up to 350 litres per minute.