Caterpillar Marine Engine Service Parts - Caterpillar 3208

Aftermarket Parts for Caterpillar 3208 Marine Engines

Spare Part OEM / Notes. Aftermarket Part
Air Filter  
Oil Filter  
Impeller AN 2053
Seawater Pump


Jabsco 7420-1001

Seawater Pump Repair Kit JABSCO 6400-0004, 7420-0004
Barr Cast Iron ZZ1600
ANODES: Note Variations Mentioned below
Anodes on 4W-9164 Heat Exchanger






CM6L2283 x 2. Port Side, Front. 10mm diameter.

TEC 02023 x 1. Starboard Side, bottom of the bonnet. 16mm diameter.

Anodes on 7C-3114 Heat Exchanger 6L-2283 CM6L2283 x 3. (2 on port side, front, 1 starboard bottom of the bonnet).
Anode - Transmission Oil Cooler (If present on cooler) 6L-2288

MEZ 9-199 x 2 Anode with Plug. 1/2" NPT brass plug.

MEZ 9-004 x 2 Anode Only. 7/16UNC. *Fits MEZ 9-199 anode plug only, not the Caterpillar 3/8UNC plug.