Oil Cooler 2.25"x7.00" CuNI Core, Brass Ends (MOTA)

Oil Cooler 2.25"x 7.00" CuNI Core, Brass Ends (MOTA)

Gear oil cooler by MOTA Industrial Cooling. Intermediate size suitable for engines up to 260hp.

Copper nickel core and extruded aluminium housing. Hot side 3/8" BSP thread.

Rubber ends available.

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Made by MOTA. Part number G058-175-1/NC52.








Tubestack diametre 2.25 58 Copper-nickel tubestack.
Tubestack length 7.0 175 Copper-nickel tubestack.
Connection on cold side 2.0 52 Brass hose connections.
Connection on hot side 3/8 BSP