JMP Marine Impellers (B)

JMP 7526-01Hyundai Seasall Impeller on D150 D170

Impeller Specifications

‘(A) Diameter in mm - 79

‘(B) Depth (Blade length) mm – 54

‘(C) Shafts insert Diameter mm – 20

Insert type – 6

Number of Blades – 9

Impeller Rubber Material - Synthetic / Nitrile

*Synthetic Impellers are the most common uses and suitable for small amount of bilge.

*Nitrile Impellers offer better resistance for bilge.

Replacement for KASHIYAMA KP-100

Used on Engine Brand & Models –  Yanmar 66CX/6CXM /

HYUNDAI D170-D150 - p/n 00102-7D090

AN 6088

OEM Part Numbers to replace - Yanmar 128620-42200