Northern Lights Fuel Filter NL 24-52020 Aftermarket Replacement

Northern Lights Fuel Filter NL24-52020 / 2452020 Aftermarket Replacement

NL-24-52020 fuel filter can be used for the following generators and engines:

  • M16C, M20CL, M20CR, M20CR2, M20CRW2, M30C, M33C, M33CW
  • M643, M643K, M643M, NL643
  • M673, M673L, M673L2, M673L3, M673LD2, M673LD3, NL673, NL673L, NL673L2, NL673L3
  • M753K, M753W, M753W2, NL753K, NL753W, NL753W2
  • M773LW2, M773LW3, NL773LW3
  • M843JK, M843NK, M843NW2, M843NW3, NL843JK, NL843NK, NL843NW2, NL843NW3
  • L844D, M844K, M844LK, M844K2, M844LK2, M844LW2, M844W2, NL844K, NL844LK, NL844K2, NL844LK2, NL844LW2, NL844W2
  • M864K, M864W, M864W3
  • L984, M984K, M984W, ML984

 LP indicates a generic brand which may be supplied as Baldwin, Fleetguard, Donaldson, or other interchangeable filter