12/24V Electro Magnetic Clutch Pum 106l/min JMP JPR-M25IP

JMP Electro Magnetic Clutch Pumps are multi-purpose pumps widely used in agricultural, industrial and especially marine applications. For marine, it can be used in high capacity bilge or deckwash and emergency fire fighting pumps.

12 / 24V Electro Magnetic Clutch

Flow rate = 106 l/min

Pulley = 7" / 1 groove / B section. (Optional 7" 2 groove/ A section is available)

This is a JMP Marine pump JPR-M25IP.


Inlet Outlet Size (LxWxH) Weight Notes
1" Pipe 1" Pipe 180 x 178 x 178 8kg

Pump Parts:


OEM Desription Qty Notes
7400-01 Impeller 1
JSM0008 Minor Kit 1
JSK0050 Major Kit 1
BER0001 Bearing Drive 1
BER0001 Bearing Seal 1
BOL0080 Screw
CAMSET000301 Camset 1
COV000301 End Cover 1
ORG0013 Cover Gasket 1
KEY0003 Key 1
MCSSET0008 Seal 1
N/A Retainer Drive 1
RET0021 Retainer Seal 1
SHA0055 Shaft 1
N/A Slinger 1
N/A Snap Ring Seal 1
N/A Snap Ring Drive 1
WER0001 Wear Plate 1
Clutch / Drive 1

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