Fuel Guard - Water Testing Kit

Model WTK - Water Testing Kit

Fuel-Guard offers a water testing kit to check your fuel storage tank for the presence of water.

All fuel tanks either vehicle or storage will suffer at some time from water intake via condensation or  water leakage / seepage so checking your fuel store regularly for water contamination is not only good housekeeping but should be part of your routine tank maintenance schedule.

Fuel-Guard water detector is brown in colour and turns bright red upon contact with water. This product will successfully locate any water content in all Gas Oil/Red Diesel.

Place a thin film of the water detector on a clean rod or pole approximately where you expect the water level to appear. Then slowly lower the rod or pole into the tank until the bottom is reached. Remove and observe, the level will appear by positive contrast of colours. Instantaneous in Gas Oil/ Red Diesel no colour change means no water found.