Fuel Guard - Water Scavenger FGS 1

Model FGS 1

Water Removal Scavenger. Absorbs 240ml. 4.4x17cm


1. Select the correct size Water Scavenger for your application.

2. Ensure there are no sources of ignition close to the fuel tank before opening.

3. Lower the Water Scavenger into the fuel tank using the supplied cord until the bottom of the tank is reached (the cord will go slack). As water is more dense than fuel this is where the water will have settled - allow the Water Scavenger to lie flat on the bottom of the tank.

4. Ensure the end of the cord is available to retrieve the Water Scavenger when it is full. The cord may be attached to the underside of the filler cap.

5. Check your Water Scavenger regularaly and replace every 3 months. When the Water Scavenger has absorbed fully you will find that the nylon bladder has fully expanded into the mesh filter containment tube.

6. Ensure that the Water Scavenger does not obstruct any sender units in the tank or fuel outlet (this is very important in moving machinery and vehicles).

7. Dispose of the Water Scavenger according to local regulations.

The Scavenger is available in 4 models.

  • FGS-1     Dimensions: 4.4cmx17cm. Absorbs: 240ml
  • FGS-2     Dimensions: 4.4cmx30cm. Absorbs: 269ml
  • FGS-3     Dimensions: 5.6cmx30cm. Absorbs: 489ml
  • FGS-4     Dimensions: 10cmx30cm. Absorbs: 1590ml