Baysan H500A down angle Marine Gearbox (Hydraulic) (500HP, 370KW)

8° Down Angle, Hydraulic Marine Transmission. Max 500HP (370KW)

Hydraulic marine gearbox with twin countershaft designed, separated oil-operated multi-disc clutches for ahead and astern drive allowing full rated power to be transmitted continuously in either direction.

Suits twin engine installations as forward and reverse ratios are equal.

Consists of two separate halves to facilitate servicing. The oil pump and hydraulic control valves being externally designed for easy accessibility.

Soft gear lever provides controlling facility with spiral remote control.
Suitable for high performance applications, pleasure and heavy duty conditions in fishing and tour boats. Fully works tested, reliable and simple to install.

The hydraulic system is equipped with a mechanical lock-up device for added security, so that in the unlikely event of hydraulic failure the boat can be brought safely back to port. Access to this device is via a detachable cover located on top of the main gearcase.

PTO (Power take off) presents as an optional extra convenient to engine rpm.

Ratio Options: 2.15:1, 2.50:1, 2.90:1, 3.48:1, 4.04:1

Maximum input power limit
Pleasure duty - 500 Hp (370 Kw)  Heavy Duty - 300 Hp (224 Kw)
Maximum input rpm limit
4000 RPM.
Reduction ratio
Oil type
SAE 20W50/75W90 
Oil capacity
4 lt. +Plus reqired amount to fill the cooling unit.
Weight without flange
135 kg.
Standard rotation
In anti-clock wise standard engines, when the control lever is in forward, output shaft rotates clockwise rotation. In clockwise engines, shaft rotates anti-clockwise rotation. Input rotation can be changeable simply by turning the oil pump through 180°.