Westerbeke Diesel Engine 35E Three (28HP at 3000RPM)

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Number of cylinders 3 Cylinder vertical in-line
Cycles 4 Cycle
Displacement 80.43 cu. in. (1.318 liter)
Bore and stroke 3.07" x 3.62" (78 mm x 92 mm)
Compression ratio 22:01
Maximum angle of installation Not to exceed 14°
Maximum angle of operation Not to exceed 30° for 30 min.
Crankshaft, direction of rotation Counterclockwise as viewed from flywheel end
Propeller shaft, direction of rotation Right hand – std. trans.
Dry weight 386 lbs (175.1 kilos)
Combustion system Swirl type
Aspiration Naturally aspirated
Lubrication system Forced lubrication by trochoid
Cooling system 5 quarts (4.73 liters)
Starting aid 12 volt sheathed type glow plug
Engine stop Manual type
Fuel injection pump Bosch type
Governor Centrifugal type
Injectors Throttle type
Fuel filter Primary
Lube oil filter Full flow, spin-on element
Lubricant capacity .98 U.S. gallons (3.7 liters)
Fuel transfer pump Electric
Fuel supply and return piping 1/4" ID (6.35 mm) minimum
3/8" ID (9.53 mm) maximum
Starting motor 12 volt, solenoid actuated
Battery charging alternator 50 ampere (12 volts)
Cold cranking amps 237 amps
Alternator/regulator Automatic, solid state built-in
Electrical system 12 volts DC, negative ground
Optional Equipment
Captain panel with alarm (tachometer with lights)
Admiral panel with alarms (tachometer with gauges)
Dual station senders
Other gear ratios Consult local Distributor
72 or 100 amp alternator in place of standard
Remote expansion tank
Fuel/water separator
Muffler and fittings
“A” on board spare parts kits
“B” extended cruising spare parts kits
Anti-siphon valve for overboard cooling discharge water
Technical Manual
Exhaust connection (water injected 45˚ or 90˚elbow)
Propeller shaft couplings (rigid/flexible) – available standard sizes

Advanced Specifications & Dimensions