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Anti-Foul Protection

Protection Systems

CleanAHull™ Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems are ideal for the protection of your powerboat hull and can drastically improve on your performance and save money. With a clean hull your vessel will maintain performance and manoeuvrability while saving money with improved fuel efficiency and reduced passage times. When a hull or running gear is fouled it can take 30% + more fuel to push through the water while also taking longer to arrive!

The main factor in determining the correct system and number of transducers required for ultimate protection is the hull waterline length (LWL). As the vessel hull size increases so too does the surface area in contact with the water and in turn the area requiring ultrasonic protection.

The CleanAHull™ Ultrasonic Transducers are installed in strategic locations throughout the inside of your powerboats hull to provide the best transference of ultrasonic energy into the hull. This energy is then dissipated out into the water at a 180° arc from the hull itself providing bio fouling protection. Ultrasonic transference is best through solid objects that the transducers are directly attached to and there will be some attenuation (loss of signal) when ultrasound attempts to transfer to acoustically isolated items (stern drives, ips drives, shafts, rudders, etc). CleanAHull™ ultrasonic transducers can be installed directly onto isolated items such as rudders (tiller / shaft), IPS drives, Stern Drives (transom shield), thrusters, etc for ultimate protection of these devices.

During installation there is no through hull drilling required. Our systems can be installed without removing the vessel from the water.

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