Westerbeke Engines & Generators

Marine Energy Systems is the Master Distributor for Westerbeke Engines & Generators in Australia.

Contact Marine Energy Systems for Westerbeke original parts, service and support.

Powerful, Efficient, Dependable Performance

Every Westerbeke product is specially designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver proven reliability in the harshest of operating environments.

Over 70 years of research and development has lead to a number of operational patents that have helped Westerbeke set the benchmarks by which all other marine and industrial-grade power systems are judged.

Our commitment to bring you unsurpassed performance is matched only by our commitment to back and support every product we sell through Westerbeke's outstanding warranty, a worldwide service network, and customer service advantages.

Please use only genuine Westerbeke/Universal/Rotary Aire replacement parts and accessories.

Non-genuine parts and accessories can compromise your Westerbeke product, jeopardize your safety and may void your warranty.


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