Fuel Guard - Fuel Bug Testing Kit

Model FBTK

Fuel Bug Testing Kit


2 x Disposable gloves

1 x Test tube & slide

1 x Data label

1 x Instruction card with comparison chart.



1. Use the included disposable gloves to avoid contact with samples. Collect the fuel sample in a clean container.

2. Immerse the Fuel-Guard slide into the fuel sample for 10 seconds.

3. Allow excess fluid to drain off the slide.

4. Blot the lower edge of the slide, if needed, on absorbent paper.

5. Push the slide tightly back into the Fuel-Guard test tube.

6. Place the tube upright in a dark, warm location.

7. After 24-48 hours' incubation, remove the slide from the test tube.

8. Compare the density of the colonies growing on the slide with the comparison charts.



Bacteria and yeasts are both compared to the bottom left chart.

Fungi (furry colonies) are compared to the bottom right chart.

Very high levels of infection may lead to a complete overgrowth on the slide.

Any reaction is bad news and should be treated with Fuel-Guard Diesel Bug Killer.

A small amount of water may collect on the bottom of the tube. This is condensate

from the agar and does not affect performance, provided that the media are not visually dehydrated.



Used slide should be incinerated, autoclaved or soaked in disinfectant for several hours before disposal.

As this test can be affect by handling and sampling techniques, no guarantee can be given on the accuracy of these results.